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Restrict to Accepted Only (Taxa)
Use Exact Search Term Matching


Clicking in any form field displays a list of available values for that field. The list is filtered based upon values in all non-empty fields. The list can also be narrowed by typing one or more characters into the form field. Clicking on a list entry will put that value into the currently focussed form field.

The text '<null>', when it appears in the list, indicates that related records exist that do not have a value recorded for the selected form field.

The currently selected (focussed) form field is displayed at the bottom-right of the list, the number of matched values is displayed at the top of the list. The list also shows, in brackets after the value, the number of individual records found in the database for that field value.

The DeleteHS.png button at the right-hand side of each form field will remove the contents of that field. The 'Clear All' button at the bottom of the form will clear all form fields.

A non-empty value in the 'Collector', 'Country' or 'Major Region' fields, or a tick in the 'Restrict to Types Only' field will cause searches to be routed through Botanical Record data, otherwise searches are conducted on the core taxanomic data by default.

Use Exact Search Term Matching: when ticked searches will only return records where all the search terms are matched in full. For example, with 'Use Exact Term Matching' unticked then searching with the term 'A' entered in the genus field will return all genera whose names begin with the letter 'A' but when ticked nothing would be returned as there is no genus whose entire name is just 'A'.